Working with Children Test

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1. One reason you may be assigned to work with children is to substitute for a primary caregiver who is in the hospital for surgery.

6. You should try to convince a young mother to breast feed because it is always better for the baby.

2. Your role is to provide care but not to teach others how to provide care.

7. In sterilizing baby bottles, they should be boiled for
5 minutes15 minutes25 minutes40 minutes

3. In a family dispute, you should always support the parents.

8. How should an infant with the umbilical cord attached be bathed?
NeverSponge bathTub bath in cold waterTub bath in warm water

4. One common childhood vaccination is used to prevent
MeningitisParkinson's diseaseCommon coldsHardening of the arteries

9. Disposable diapers should be flushed down the toilet.

5. When carrying an infant, you should always support the head.

10. If you suspect child abuse, you should
Immediately report itIgnore itConfront the parentsTake the child out of the home

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