The Urinary System Test

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1. Even though we are born with two kidneys, we can still live and function, with only one.

6. Age changes exhibited by older men include:
Increase in muscular tone of the bladderDecrease in the kidneys' ability to filter waste from the bloodShrinking of the prostateHardening of the urethra

2. On average, how much urine has to collect to create an urge to urinate?
1/2 pint1 pint2 pints/10 pint

7. The organs that make up the urinary system are the:
Bladder, bowels, kidneys, urethraKidneys, ureter, bladder, urethraLiver, kidneys, ureter, bladderLiver, kidneys, bladder, bowels

3. Mr. Bowman was unable to get to the bathroom in time to relieve himself and urinated on his trousers. How should the home health aide react?
Scold himTell him he can't have dessertTell the other clients what he didAssure him that you understand and, if he requires assistance, help him clean his clothing

8. An indwelling catheter is inserted into the

4. How can urinary tract infections be prevented?
Wipe the urinary and anal areas from front to backReduce the amount of fluids the clients drink every dayHave the clients take long walks on a regular basisThere is no way you can prevent urinary tract infections

9. Incontinence can be caused by a urinary tract infection.

5. It takes longer for medication to be filtered through the kidneys of an older person than it would for a younger person.

10. The potential for developing a urinary tract infection is less for clients with catheters.

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