The Sensory System Test

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1. Which part of the eye receives the picture and sends nerve impulses to the optic nerve?

6. With age, the sense of smell
ImprovesDeclinesRemains the same

2. What is the most common change in the eye as a person ages?
Peripheral visionGlaucomaPresbyopiaCataract

7. Which taste beds are located near the tip of the tongue?
Sweet and sourSalty and bitterBitter and sourSweet and salty

3. Which part of the ear contains the fluid necessary to maintain our sense of balance?
Outer earInner earEardrumMiddle ear

8. Loss of taste often causes a loss of appetite.

4. Presbycusis involves an inability to hear what?
Low-pitched soundsHigh-pitched soundsMid-range soundsAll sounds

9. The older client may not accurately perceive hot and cold.

5. The sense that we know least about is

10. What disease can affect the older person's sense of touch?
Rheumatoid arthritisPneumoniaGlaucomaTinnitus

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