The Role of the Home Health Aide Test

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1. The home health aide’s duties and responsibilities will be defined in the:
HMOOBRAJob descriptionDischarge Plan

6. In describing the qualities of a good home health aide, which of the following would NOT apply?
Enjoys working with peopleHonestCompassionateUncooperative

2. You are responsible to check for safety hazards in the client’s home.

7. Which of the following would NOT be a basic nursing task that the home health aide would perform:
Assisting with toiletingGiving InjectionsMeasuring intake and outputTaking vital signs

3. Clients of a home health agency have different needs than other people.

8. It is important to encourage the client to do as much for himself or herself as possible.

4. Which of the following is NOT a responsibility of the home health aide as an employee?
Reporting to work on timeGetting along with other team membersSupervising other workersNotifying the supervisor when ill

9. Recognizing a client as an individual is an example of recognizing what kind of need?
PsychosocialPhysicalEmployer responsibilitySocial

5. A home health aide may be required to do homemaking tasks such as sweeping and laundry.

10. To make a good impression, which statement would help?
Wear sloppy casual clothingAlways arrive a few minutes lateWear your uniform or presentable clothingHonk the horn very loud if you arrive by car

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