The Nervous System Test

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1. The nervous system is the control and communication center for the rest of the body.

6. The spinal cord controls reflex actions.

2. What body part is NOT part of the nervous system?
BrainSpinal cordPeripheral nervesPancreas

7. What are the nerves called that run to all parts of the body?
Spinal nervesNeuronsPeripheral nervesLobes

3. Which part of the brain controls the involuntary functions of the body, such as breathing and sleeping?
Cerebrum and cerebellumCerebellum and cortexMidbrainNeuron and vertebrae

8. As a person ages, the nervous system functions more slowly.

4. In most people, the right side or hemisphere of the brain controls the left side of the body.

9. Mrs. Jarrett had a stroke which left her paralyzed on her right side. What is this condition called?
AphasiaHemiplegicParkinson's diseaseAlzheimer's disease

5. Hemispheres are divided into lobes which are the sites of specific functions.

10. The loss of the ability to think clearly is called:
StrokeParkinson's diseaseDementiaHemiplegic

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