The Integumentary System Test

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1. Where are new skin cells produced?
Beneath the skinIn the poresIn the epidermisIn the dermis

6. Why might older clients find it uncomfortable to sit and lie on hard surfaces?
They are too used to standing or walkingThey do not have good postureThey may have lost some of the fat under their skinTheir skin may have lost its elasticity

2. The health and growth of hair and nails reflects the general health of the client.

7. What do sweat glands do?
Lubricate the skinEliminate waste productsWarn you about painKill bacteria

3. Older clients do not often have skin problems.

8. As part of the aging process, fingernails and toenails
Become thinnerStop growingBecome brittleThicken and become abnormally shaped

4. The integumentary system is the most visible body system.

9. The home health aide finds Mrs. Jamison lying in bed and notices that her kin is reddish in color and she has a temperature. What should the home health aide do?
Continue with her other dutiesReport Mrs. Jamison's condition and note it on your agency's reporting formOpen a windowNothing

5. The integumentary system.
Includes skin, hair, and nailsIncludes sweat glands and kidneysIncludes skin, hair, and the bladderIncludes skin and hair only

10. A podiatrist usually treats

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