The Endocrine System Test

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1. Which one of the following glands is not part of the endocrine system?

6. What do the lacrimal glands do?
Produce salivaSecrete enzymesSecrete tearsRelease moisture

2. All glands secrete the same hormone.

7. As a person ages, his or her glands gradually secrete fewer hormones.

3. What does the thyroid do?
It is the master regulator of the bodyIt regulates level of blood sugarIt regulates electrolyte balancesIt is responsible for growth

8. What is the most common disease of the endocrine system?
Parkinson's diseaseAlzheimer's diseaseCancerDiabetes mellitus

4. The hormones of the pancreas are responsible for regulating:
Growth and developmentReproductionSugar in the bloodRespiration

9. Diabetes affects only older clients.

5. Which gland secretes a hormone that helps the body react to stress?
PituitaryAdrenal glandsPancreasThyroid

10. Hormones from the parathyroid glands regulate calcium and phosphorus.

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