The Digestive System Test

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1. About how long is the normal human digestive system?
3 inches3 feet30 feet300 feet

6. Where is glucose stored?
GallbladderSmall intestineLarge intestineLiver

2. Saliva contains enzymes that initiate the breakdown of food.

7. As a person ages, what changes occur in the digestive tract?
Movement of the colon is decreasedMore gastric juice is secretedFood is absorbed more quicklyThe active ingredients in saliva increase

3. Which organ of the body filters toxins?
ExophagusSmall intestinePancreasLiver

8. Ulcers can be caused by an excess of:
Gastric juiceFoodSalivaRoughage

4. Where are villi located?
StomachSmall intestineLarge intestineGallbladder

9. Gallstones are formed by cholesterol crystals which settle out of the bile in the gallbladder.

5. Another name for the large intestine is

10. Hemorrhoids are:
Enlarged blood vesselsHoles in tissueImpacted fecesAbnormal secretions

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