The Cardiovascular System Test

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1. The cardiovascular system carries oxygen and nutrients to all body cells.

6. The main function of platelets is to
Move blood from arteries to capillariesCollect excess fluid surrounding body cellsCause clotting and stop bleedingFight infection

2. The four chambers of the heart are the left and right atria, the left ventricle, and the
AortaSeptumRight ventricleLymph vessel

7. What does plasma contain?

3. The fluid part of the blood is called:

8. What do white blood cells do?
Carry oxygen from the lungs throughout the bodyCause clottingFight infectionBring blood from capillaries to veins

4. There are two main types of blood vessels--arteries and veins.

9. Angina means what?
Uneven heart rhythmsHardening of the arteriesStrokeAcute heart pain

5. Arteries carry oxygen-rich blood from the heart to all parts of the body; veins carry what back to the heart, lungs, and kidneys?
Oxygen-poor blood and wastesWaste onlyUrineLymph

10. High blood pressure may cause an older client's heart to enlarge.

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