Special Diets Test

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1. The home health aide specifies the type of diet most therapeutic for the client.

6. When planning a client's diet, the clients likes and dislikes are NOT important.

2. In which type of diet is sugar controlled or limited?
BlandLow SodiumDiabeticLow fat

7. It is very difficult to change the eating habits of clients.

3. Which diet has no restrictions?
BlandPureedMechanical softRegular

8. If the client is on a low salt diet, you shouldn't add salt while cooking, but it is all right for the client to add salt to the prepared food before eating.

4. Mrs. Johnson has coronary artery disease and is not allowed to eat fried foods, gravies, or foods using whole milk. What type of diet is she on?
Low fatLow SodiumDiabeticPureed

9. A home health aide may perform tube feeding, if required.

5. The client who is unable to chew at all may be placed on a pureed diet.

10. Changes in a client's eating habits must be reported by the health aide to the supervisor.

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