Skin Care Test

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1. Skin is the largest body organ.

6. Thinning skin is much less sensitive to temperature.

2. Which of the following is NOT a function of the skin?
It protects internal organsIt helps control body temperatureIt transmits sensationsIt produces hormones

7. Soap tends to replace the body's natural oils.

3. Nutrition has no effect on the skin.

8. Using gentle, circular motions when cleaning the skin stimulates the circulation of blood to the skin.

4. Clients who are immobile are at risk for developing
AcnePressure ulcersWrinklesEczema

9. Any change in the condition of a client's skin
Should be treated with lotionCovered with a bandageReported to the supervisorIndicates healthy skin

5. Pressure ulcers are most likely to develop
As a side effect of medicationAs a result of the aging processOn bony prominencesOn clients who are mobile

10. Good skin care can promote healing.

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