Skeletal & Muscular Systems Test

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1. Our skeleton is made up of four different types of bones.

6. People tend to get taller as they move into old age.

2. The skeletal structure or bones
Act as shock absorbersPrevent other bones from rubbing togetherProvide heat and protectionGive the body structure and support

7. Involuntary muscles move food through the digestive tract.

3. Osteoporosis is a condition where bones lose calcium and become porous and brittle.

8. A person has conscious control of cardiac muscle tissue.

4. A fracture is
A change in alignment of bones at the jointSimilar to a sprainA crack or break in a bone

9. Which of the following conditions results from a muscle's inactivity?
ParalysisMultiple SclerosisAtrophyMuscular Dystrophy

5. What body part works like a hinge. A ball and socket. Or a pivot?

10. Older women tend to have osteoporosis more often than older men.

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