Shopping Cooking Feeding Test

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1. Illness or disability, depression, and medication can all affect appetite.

6. Mr. Wilson cannot feed himself. The home health aide should
Sit at eye level next to the clientBring the food and leave the room immediatelyWatch the client begin eating before leaving the roomNot do anything

2. You should insist that all clients come to the table to eat.

7. When preparing foods that you are not familiar with, the home health aide should
Ask the family or your supervisor how they are preparedInsist on preparing only foods you knowCook them very quicklyTake the client to a restaurant

3. When planning a menu, you should try to plan meals to stay as much the same as possible.

8. When feeding a dependent client, the home health aide should
Treat the client like a childUse only a forkCarry on a pleasant conversationPlace the food on the back of the clients tongue

4. When a client eats at the table, you should never help them by cutting up food.

9. When feeding a client, you should alternate
Solids and liquidsHot food and cold foodMedications and foodDifferent color foods

5. When planning your shopping, you should plan meals for:
One meal onlyOne day onlyTwo daysA week

10. Mealtime offers a good time for observing how the client eats and what the client eats.

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