Safety Test

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1. Most accidents occur in the home?

6. Restraints can be used.
To punish the clientTo immobilize a wandererTo protect the client, under physician ordersWhenever it is convenient to the care provider

2. It's okay to allow smoking near an oxygen cylinder as long as the cylinder is turned off.

7. A vest support.
Prevents hips from slipping forwardPrevents the client from scratchingProvides postural supportImmobilizes a limb during treatment

3. Which of the following is true about side rails?
In general, side rails are up day and night for ambulatory clientsSide rails should not be locked into positionInstructions on when to use side rails should be in each clients recordRestraints can be tied to side rails

8. An alternative to restraints is:
PunishmentConstantly observing the clientLimb ties using slip knotsIgnoring the client

4. The cane is used on which side of the client's body?
StrongWeakEither side is equally effectiveRight side, if the client is right-handed

9. If your initial client visit will be by car at night, it is a good visit the area first in the daytime so you can see where you going and where to park.

5. If a client needs to decrease the weight supported by one or both legs, what should he or she use?
MittensWalkerLimb tiesCrutches

10. You should always discuss personal safety issues with your supervisor.

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