Rehabilitation and Working with Therapists Test

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1. Rehabilitation is process of recovering abilities or relearning skills.

6. Ambulation means
Taking deep breathsWalking and moving about in an upright positionRiding in an ambulanceDominant

2. Which of the following is NOT a goal of rehabilitation?
To restore the affected abilities to the highest possible level of functioningTo prevent further disability or deteriorationTo promote the current abilitiesTo keep the client immobilized so as to avoid injury

7. What parts of the body are moved during range of motion exercises?
The eyesThe spineThe chestThe joints

3. Only permanent injuries require rehabilitation programs.

8. Range of motion exercises have no effect on muscle strength.

4. Who will determine the client's rehabilitation program.
The clientThe home health aideThe home health aide and the clientThe therapist

9. The home health aide is not expected to move a client from a bed to a chair.

5. Other medical conditions must be considered when determining a rehabilitation program.

10. If a client appears frustrated, you should remind the client of his or her limitations.

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