Range of Motion Exercises Test

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1. Long periods of inactivity can cause bodily changes which prevent future movement.

6. Which of the following reduces constipation?
Decreasing exerciseDrinking less fluidsStaying in the same position for long periods of timeEating more cereals, fruits, and vegetables

2. What are contractures?
Sores that develop where tissue has diedJoints that won't bendSwollen jointsAbnormally shortened muscles

7. The purpose of range of motion exercises is to decrease activity and movement.

3. What is the name of the procedure in which a home health aide does not help a client complete a range of motion exercise?
DegenerationRotationPassive range of motionActive range of motion

8. When a client is in bed for long periods, urinary infections may result.

4. In doing range of motion exercises, you should start with the feet and work your way up the body to the head.

9. What can the home health aide do to help a client prevent urinary problems?
Increase the client's fluid intakeKeep the client in one positionKeep the client's skin clean and dryDecrease the client's fluid intake

5. To prevent pneumonia, the home health aide can encourage the client to
Lie downDo deep breathing and coughingStop drinking so many fluidsLie in one position for long periods of time

10. Lying in one position for long periods of time increases pressure on bony areas of the body, sometimes resulting in pressure sores.

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