Pressure Ulcer And Positioning Test

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1. Pressure ulcers develop when a client sits or lies in one position for too long.

6. What is the first sign of a beginning pressure ulcers?
White blisterContractureFoul-smelling drainageRedness or darkened area

2. The body areas most likely to develop pressure ulcers are
Where bones are near the skinAreas of fatty tissue such as the buttocksHairy areasAny area

7. What can a home health aide do to prevent the client from getting pressure ulcers?
Remove the top sheetUse an inflatable ringKeep bedding wrinkle freeKeep the client's skin moist

3.Clients at particularly high risk for developing pressure ulcer, are those who are immobile.

8. Sitting on an inflatable rubber ring can be good for relieving pressure.

4. What do air, water or gel mattresses and cushions do?
Reduce frictionProvide cushioning, air and light pressure reliefEncourage growthNothing

9. It is easier to prevent pressure ulcers than it is to heal them.

5. In what position do immobile, bed-restricted clients spend most of their time?

10. Immobile clients should be repositioned at least every two hours.

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