Personal Hygiene Test

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1. Mrs. Smith has a nasogastric tube. What is most important to remember in assisting her with oral hygiene?
It should be done twice dailyShe should do it herselfIt should be done only at nightIt should be done every two hours

6. A client in a comatose state does not need oral hygiene.

2. Clients who wear dentures should take good care of their mouth and gums as well as their dentures.

7. The home health aide should inspect the client's mouth, teeth, gums, and tongue for changes or signs of injury

3. What kind of toothbrush is recommended for clients?
A large, hard-bristled brushA junior-size, soft-bristled brushA junior-size, hard-bristled brushA large, soft-bristled brush

8. Mr. Stanley owns an electric razor. Are there any restrictions regarding shaving with his electric razor?
He can use it whenever he likesOnly safety razors may be usedIt can only be used by the home health aideIt may never be used if there is an oxygen tank in the room

4. You should trim the toenails of clients regularly.

9. For older clients hair care becomes unimportant and you can ignore it.

5. Mr. Leslie has a cast on his left arm and is unable to dress or undress himself. In helping Mr. Leslie dress, what procedure should the home health aide follow?
Dress Mr. Leslie/s left side lastMake him get out of bed before dressing himDress Mr. Leslie/s left side firstHave him dress himself from the waist up

10. If the home health aide nicks the client while shaving, it should be reported.

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