Moving a Client Test

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1. Where is your center of gravity?

6. When moving a client in bed, you should not encourage him or her to assist with the move.

2. When lifting heavy objects, carry them as far away from the body as possible.

7. When lifting and moving clients, always explain to them what you are going to do.

3. The rules of good sitting posture state that you should keep your feet flat on the floor, and your knees, ankles, and hips at right angles.

8. It is important unlock the wheels of the wheelchair before transferring a client.

4. When moving a heavy object by yourself, what should you do?
Pull it or roll itBend from the waistLift rather than push the objectStraighten your knees

9. If a client is too heavy for the home health aide to lift and move, which of the following may be used?
WheelchairMechanical liftStretcherSliding

5. Your client, Mrs. Stone, must be turned in bed without bending her ankles, knees, or hips. The technique you should use is called
Using a mechanical liftPivot transferLog rollingSliding

10. The techniques for lifting, moving, and transferring clients require a lot of practice by the home health aide in order to be done properly and easily.

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