Measuring Weight and Height Test

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1. It is important to measure the client’s weight accurately because weight changes cam indicate nutritional or medical problems

6. It is often easiest in measure client’s height.
Lying downStanding in a doorwaySittingOn a sofa

2. You should weight the client at a different time of day each time.

7. How should you measure clients who are stooped or have contractures?
Only in centimetersIn segmentsWhen they are asleepFirst thing in the morning

3. If a client cannot stand unassisted, how can he or she be weighted?
With a mechanical lift scaleBy putting a bathroom scale under the client in bedThe client should not be weighedAll of the above

8. Clients who cannot stand must be measured while sitting.

4. The metric system uses what measures for weight.

9. You need to measure Mrs. Walden’s height, but she cannot stand and is confined to bed. What must you do to obtain an accurate measurement of her height?
Have her assume the fetal positionTake her measurements in three segmentsMeasure from her head to her shoulder and her shoulder to her heel, then add the two togetherMark the bedsheet at her head and heel and measure the distance between the two marks

5. Any weight gain or loss must be reported to your supervisor.

10. Which measurement has to be checked regularly because it fluctuates and can give an indication of a changed medical condition?

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