Measuring Vital Signs Test

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1. Which of the following signs is considered a vital sign?
Skin TemperatureBlood countBlood pressureUrine testone of the above

6. Where is an axillary temperature measured?

2. Body temperature is always measured in the mouth.

7. In accurately measuring a radial pulse, you should.
Press firmly on the wristUse your thumb on the wristCount the beats until they become irregularCount the beats for 30 seconds, then multiply by two

3. On a Fahrenheit thermometer, what does a short line indicate?
1 degree2 degrees0.1 degree0.2 degree

8. Blood pressure should always be taken with the client in the same position.

4. When measuring an oral temperature, how long should a glass thermometer remain in a client's mouth?
20 seconds2 minutes5 minutes60 seconds

9. In taking Mrs. White's blood pressure, you obtain a reading of 130/85. Which of the following is an accurate interpretation of this reading?
Mrs. White has hypertensionMrs. White has hypotensionMrs. Whites blood pressure is normalMrs. White is anemic

5. When measuring a rectal temperature, how long should a glass thermometer remain in the rectum?
5 minutes10 minutes3 minutesAs long as needed

10. You can measure respiration accurately by
Counting each rise and fall of the chest separatelyCounting each rise and fall of the chest as one respirationCounting the number of breaths for 60 seconds and multiplying by twoTelling the client what you are doing

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