Infection Control in The Home Test

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1. Infection Control is?
A way to keep disease from spreadingA scare tactic devised by the medical community to sell more soapA box you check on your flow sheet

6. Hand washing, is an infection control practice and also is part of the Universal Precautions, because:
Hand washing is used whether or not you think someone may be sickCSI Miami decided to use it in one of their TV showsIt is the single, simplest way to kill/prevent germs from spreading

2. One of the most important Infection control techniques is hand washing?

7. If you suspect that a client has a disease or sickness you could catch, you should:
Call Primary Home Care and discuss how best to handle it with the nurse - DO NOT PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER!Make sure you follow proper Infection Control proceduresBoth of the above

3. Homecare situations where infection control is particularly important include?
Caring for people who are already sickCaring for fragile, but well elderly peopleBoth of the above

4. Windex can be used to kill germs on surfaces?

5. Maintaining a clean home may help reduce the spread of germs?

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