Family Roles and Socialization Test

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1. Role playing refers to play acting.

6. Noticing and complimenting well behaviour is called
TraumaticDisabilityRole playingPositive reinforcement

2. Gender, relationship, and occupation are some ways roles are determined.

7. Socialization provides information, affection, and stimulation.

3. Which of the following is an example of a fixed role?
StudentMystery readerMaleWell person

8. When a person requires home health care, changes in roles and relationships may affect their socialization.

4. Relationships never change.

9. Physical changes that occur with aging may affect the client's way of socializing.

5. The best way to help angry clients is to listen to them.

10. The home health aide can help a client's socialization by:
Discouraging visitorsEncouraging the client to watch TVSupporting family relationshipsTalking constantly without listening

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