Ethics & Clients Rights Test

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1. The rules in the Client's Bill of Rights are based on kindness and good sense but you are not legally required to tell the client about them.

6. A salt-free diet was ordered for Mr. Smith, but the home health aide failed to provide it, and Mr. Smith became very ill. This is an example of:
CoercionSkilled nursing carePrivacyNegligence

2. Clients must be informed if their services may be covered by Medicare or Medicaid.

7. Informed consent means the client must
Undergo a procedure whether the client wants to or notUndergo a procedure only when he or she DOES NOT want itUnderstand and give consent to a procedure be fore it is performedGive consent AFTER a procedure is performed

3. Home health aides must always be supervised by:
A nurseAnother home health aideAn ombudsmanA family member of the client

8. When is it ethical to share information about a client?
Any timeOnly when it is someone else's clientWhen information is needed by other members of the healthcare teamWhen you are speaking to the client's neighbor

4. A client has the right to complain about the agency, its care and staff members.

9. Which of the following would NOT be an ethical responsibility of the home health aide in his or her relationship with the client?
Looking professional, neat and cleanPutting personal needs aside and taking care of your client's needs firstAccepting a gift from the clientMaintaining a cheerful. Positive attitude

5. Advance directives define what steps to take or not to take to extend life as someone approaches death.

10. Which of the following is NOT an ethical responsibility of the home health aide as an employee?
Being on time for workBeing absent as little as possibleBeing helpful. Friendly. And cooperativeNever reporting to your supervisor

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