Dressings Bandages and Ostomy Test

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1. Signs of impaired circulation of a bandaged limb include swelling, pain and change in skin color.

6. Elastic bandages must be removed at least every 8 hours.

2. What is the most common type of dressing?
Rayon stripsElastic bandagesTelfa padsGauze

7. Dressings are used to protect the skin from drying out around a wound.

3. The home health aide is responsible for applying sterile dressings to open wounds.

8. A wrapped limb should be observed for signs of impaired circulation and swelling.

4. Tape should be applied parallel to a joint.

9. An ostomy is an opening the abdomen that allows the body to release
OxygenWaste productsStomaHormones

5. When applying elastic bandages,
Lower the limb that is to be wrappedDo not use any pressureBegin wrapping the part of the limb farthest from the heartThere's no need to check with the client to see if the bandages are comfortable

10. A colostomy is an opening into the

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