Death and Dying Test

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1. Using words such as "passed away- or "taken from us" to describe someone's death is our way of trying to soften the blow of death.

6. Most people want and have a right to know when they are dying.

2. How can you work through your strong feelings about death?
Deny themIgnore themAccept them, then talk about themForget about them

7. When dying clients are in the depression or "Poor me!" stage, how should the home health aide respond?
Try to cheer them upBecome angry with themProvide care and understandingIgnore them

3. When caring for a dying client, your feelings about death have no bearing on your behavior toward the client.

8. Acceptance is usually one of the first stages a dying person experiences.

4. Crying is a natural release for the feeling of grief.

9. It is best to keep the dying client's room dimly lit.

5. When a client dies, how should the home health aide respond to the family?
Avoid the subjectPretend nothing happenedListen to the family members who need to talk about deathTell the family not to talk about it

10. In providing postmortem care it is no longer necessary to treat the body with dignity.

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