Dealing with an Emergency Test

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1. The first step in an emergency is always dialing 911.

6. Severe pain in the chest that seems to radiate up an arm might indicate:
A strokeA heart attackShockChoking

2. If several people are in danger, you should help the weakest of most injured first.

7. Sudden disorientation and paralysis in a body part might indicate.
A strokeA heart attackShockChoking

3. If there is a threat of violence, you should always enter the argument on the side of weakest person.

8. You should always remove clothing stuck to a burn.

4. In the Heimlich Maneuver, your hands are thrusting in the client's

9. While you are pressing on a wound to stop severe bleeding it is best to
Lower the body partElevate the body partLeave the bleeding client to get helpOffer something to drink

5. In mouth-to-mouth breathing, you should give an adult about how many breaths per minute?

10. Shock is a minor medical problem and can usually be ignored.

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