Communicating with Clients Test

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1. You can make effective observations without communicating.

6. A client can hear even when in a deep comatose state.

2. Even if no one speaks, communication occurs when two or more people are together.

7. Your body language should be consistent with what you are saying.

3. Telling a client what you are going to do before you do it is not a good idea because it arouses fear.

8. Mr. Brown is hard of hearing. How should the home health aide communicate with him?
Speak in higher-pitched tonesShout into Mr. Brown's earStand directly in front of Mr. Brown so he can see you speakWhisper

4. Body language means
Writing on your bodyCommunicating by sigh languageCommunication by posture and facial expressionWriting

9. When a client becomes demanding and irritable, you should
Express your angerScold the clientBecome defensiveListen and respond appropriately

5. The need for a warm, caring touch decreases with age.

10. Complaints from clients should be taken seriously and investigated to determine if they're valid.

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