Common Diseases Test

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1. If you exercise regularly and eat well, you will never show any signs of aging.

6. Diabetes mellitus can usually be cured with surgery.

2. The word "cataract" means.
A broken boneHeart failureClouding of the lens of the eyeForgetfulness

7. Hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels around the rectum.

3. All older people eventually become confused.

8. Tremor might be caused by
Diabetes mellitusVaricose veinsParkinson's diseaseHeart attack

4. Arteriosclerosis means.
Hardening of a vainDementiaConfusionHardening of the arteries

9. Slurred speech might be caused by

5. Dementia means confusion and the inability to think properly.

10. Which childhood disease can cause sterility in adult males?
MeaslesWhooping coughMumpsChickenpox

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