Casts and Prostheses Test

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1. A cast is worn to enable free movement of an injured body part.

6. Artificial eyes should be removed at bedtime and placed in a container of contact lens solution.

2. A plaster cast should be washed daily in warm, soapy water.

7. Before reinserting Mrs. Donley's contact lenses, what action should the home health aide take?
Dry themClean and rinse themWait two hoursNothing

3. If a client is complaining of itchy skin under a cast, home health aide should
Gently slip a tongue depressor in the cast and scratch the skinPour skin lotion in the castPour rubbing alcohol in the castReassure the patient that it is part of the healing process and watch for other symptoms

8. While cleaning eyeglasses, the home health aide should inspect them for loose or broken parts.

4. When a client has an artificial limb, why should a sock be worn?
To keep it cleanFor privacyTo prevent swellingTo keep it warm

9. Mrs. Murphy has trouble hearing and wears a hearing aid. What are the home health aide's responsibilities toward care of the hearing aid?
Checking to see if the battery is workingSoaking it regularly in soapy waterMaking sure the client wears it during bathingTwisting the wires or tubing to make it fit more snugly

5. Amputation is another name for an artificial limb.

10. When not in use, a hearing aid should be stored.
In the client's earIn a warm, moist placeIn a marked containerWhere the client cannot reach it

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