Bladder Bowel Care Test

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1. What is a urinal used for?
Both male and female clients urinate into itMale clients with a hip fracture urinate into itFemale clients urinate into itMale clients urinate into itAll clients use it for defecation

6. When should you use the midstream, clean-catch method to collect urine?
Every time you need a urine specimenEvery other dayWhen the specimen must be free from contaminationOnly with clients confined to bed

2. Privacy when using a bedpan or urinal is the responsibility of the client.

7. When obtaining a urine specimen from a urinary catheter, you should always disconnect the drainage tube from the catheter.

3. A client can safely be left on a bedpan or commode for at least a half hour.

8. Abnormalities observed in stool specimens include color, consistency, odor and amount.

4. Specimens you may be asked to collect include:

9. What is sputum?
A substance coughed up by the lungsA secretion from the mouthA type of stool sampleA disease found only in older males

5. When is the best time to take urine and sputum specimens?
At bedtimeBefore the evening mealFirst thing in the morningAt noon

10. Consistency and a regular schedule are important in helping a client regain bladder and bowel control.

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