Bathing the Client Test

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1. Bathing is important because it restores cleanliness, stimulates circulation, and provides movement and exercise.

6. It is important to protect the client's privacy when bathing.

2. The home health aide is responsible for bathing the client who is confined to bed.

7. Mrs. Olsen needs a bath but cannot leave the bed. The home health aide should
Take her to the tub anywayProvide a full bed bathProvide a showerNot give Mrs. Olsen a bath

3. Older clients are usually given a complete bath no more than once a week.

8. Genital areas should be washed from side to side to avoid infection.

4. The temperature of the bath water should be about:
98.6 degrees F100 degrees F105 degrees F110 degrees F

9. The different ways to bathe a client are the complete bed bath, partial bed bath, tub, and shower.

5. A client should never be asked to check the temperature of the bath water.

10. When bathing a client, the home health aide should
Look for rashes, bruises, and broken skinNever put fresh water in the basinNot be concerned with the client's bodyMake sure to wash the face with soap

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