Back Rubs and Perineal Care Test

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1. A back rub may be ordered when changing the position of immobilized clients to increase circulation and comfort.

6. Cleansing the perineal area between showers or baths
Is not a good ideaHelps prevent irritation and infectionShould not be done with immobile clientsShould not be done by the home health aide

2. One advantage of a back rub is
It increases circulationIt prevents infectious diseaseIt covers soresNone of the above

7. Perineal care is not necessary for incontinent clients.

3. When giving the client a back rub, in what order should the procedure be done?
Apply lotion, wash your hands, pat client's back with towelPat client's back with towel, wash your hands, apply lotionWash your hands, apply lotion, pat client's back with towelPat client's back with towel, apply lotion, wash hands

8. For the female client, the labia and surrounding area should be washed from front to back.

4. Which the best way to apply lotion when giving a client a backrub?
Have the client apply it him or herselfSquirt the lotion directly on to the client's skinPour a small amount into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together to warm the lotionAll of the above are correct

9. When cleaning the perineal area, the home health aide should check the client's skin for sores or rashes.

5. The perineal area is:
The pubic hairThe lining of the colonThe area between anus and the external genitalThe area surrounding the pineal gland

10. If the client is soiled with urine or feces, you should only use the peri-solution.

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