Activities of Daily Living Test

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1. ADL means assisted daily living.

6. Special training includes finding other creative ways to accomplish a task.

2. Bathing, dressing, and eating are all activities of daily living.

7. Few assistive devices are available to help dependent clients accomplish otherwise impossible tasks.

3. Chronic conditions associated with aging rarely result in a loss of independence.

8. Adaptive equipment enables clients to perform bodily functions they:
Would otherwise be unable to doHave never done beforeCan still doDon't want to do

4. Clients who no longer believe they can do anything for themselves have a condition known as.
ArthritisConfrontationCerebral palsyLearned helplessness

9. Mrs. Lowery is suffering from Alzheimer's Disease. How should the home health aide care for her?
Argue with her whenever possibleBe patient and consistentBe spontaneous; don't follow any set planIgnore her

5. When dealing with dependent clients, it is helpful if the home health aide?
Does all tasks for the clientsDiscourages the clients from doing anythingEncourages the clients to do tasks they are able to doDoesn't do anything

10. When trying to help an uncooperative client, it is best to be firm but pleasant.

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